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Neck pain relief in Tulsa, OK is one of the more common reasons for seeking out care from a chiropractor at Tulsa Spine Cure Associates. There are many reasons why your neck may be in pain, and it does not necessarily mean there is something seriously wrong. The first thing that we will do is to perform a thorough exam to determine why you may be having this problem. Even if it is due to a specific accident, we will still need to determine exactly what the cause of the pain itself is.

In some cases, it could be simple muscle tension, sprain, or strain. In other cases, that muscle tension has had an effect on the spine as well. In still other situations, the discs of the spine could be affected.

Once we determine what is causing your pain, we will come up with a treatment plan that will have the best likelihood of success for your individual case. This may include a variety of therapies and may not even include spinal manipulation, although that is what most people think of when they think of chiropractic care. We can help you with acute or chronic pain relief.

One of the most important aspects to your treatment plan will be helping you to understand what you yourself can do to restore health. Doing exercises at home are often an important part of getting relief from your pain and keeping it from coming back.

In some cases, it is not just a case of what to do but what not to do. Often, neck pain comes from things in your daily life that can be avoided. For example, the position you sleep in often has a part to play. Body positioning, such as craning your neck over a laptop, is another common culprit.

By combining therapies with a thorough understanding of lifestyle changes that you can make at home, we can help you have the greatest possible success. Visit us at Tulsa Spine Cure Associates in Tulsa, OK today so we can help you get the neck pain relief you need and fast.

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